Control room

The leading expert in sound engineering Jiri Topol Novotny will ensure your composition becomes a top-quality piece that comes up to the highest expectations.

Live room

Thanks to the professional superior studio equipment, our studio becomes the right place to produce outstanding results.

Musical instruments

  • Mesa Boogie Dual Retifier Solohead + Box 4×12 Retifier
  • Mesa Boogie Dual Retifier Solohead + Box 4×12 Retifier
  • Engl PowerBall head + Cabinet 2×12


  • Speakers PMC 6-2
  • Adaptors: Universal Audio Apollo X8p
  • Preamplifiers: Universal Audio 4-710d
  • Monitor: PRESONUS StudioLive 16R
  • EarMix 16M
  • Headphones Sony MDR - 7506


  • Neumann: CVM 563-M7, M150, U87, KM84, KM184
  • AKG: C12, C414, C451, D112 MKII
  • Schoeps: CMC 6U – MK4V
  • Sennheiser: MD 421, MD 441, e904, e906
  • Shure: SM58, SM57, SM7B, B57, B91, B52
  • DPA: dfacto
  • Eaer trumpet lab: Edwina
  • Vamisound: V47FAT  (Neumann U47F standart), V47TUBE (Neumann U47T standart), V49TUBE (Neumann U49T standart), V55



4x8 m sheltered saltwater swimming pool with a relaxing massage zone and a counter-current system 95 m3/s Flow Jet 5000. The water is treated by an automated AquaSin unit and, thanks to the heat pump, has a constant temperature of 27°C. In operation from May 1 to September 15 (depending on the weather).

Hot tub

Our all-season hot tub USSPA Virgo offers space for up to 5 people and in addition to two standard lounger seats, it is endowed with a deep hydro-massage seat and a bench fitted with XComplexiN massaging jets around the whole body.


Our Finnish sauna has a capacity of 6 people and is heated with a Harvia heater. It is possible to pour water on it to create soft steam for a perfect experience. A small changing room, shower, and cooling pool are available. It is also possible to borrow a bathrobe, slippers, towels, and sheets.


Being located in the quiet and peaceful countryside, together with the unique homely atmosphere and excellent access to Brno, your recording in our studio will surely become a pleasant experience not only for your ears but also for your body and soul.

About us

The idea was born in 2002. Martin Kroupa was studying at the Jaroslav Ježek conservatoire and witnessed the establishment of a local studio that inspired him. Uniting the right people in the right place resulted in opening his own studio a couple of decades and a few life steps later. In 2022 he decided to connect with the leading expert sound engineer Jirka Topol Novotný and together they started their own new project. And now you can experience the result in the very unconventional MaMu professional studio yourself.

Martin Kroupa – Idea maker
The music career idea of Martin, a guitarist and a Jaroslav Ježek conservatoire graduate, changed forever when he'd first experienced the work of a sound engineer. That unfortunately wouldn't earn enough for living in those days. But after a several-year-long journey of different directions it took Martin back to music in which he started to engage again. Now he focuses on composing and guitar playing and he can finally do that in his own recording studio.
Tomáš Pacal – sound engineer
Tomáš Pacal has a degree in audio engineering from VUT in Brno. He is an active guitarist and has played at a number of prestigious festivals. Outside of playing, he participates in composing and arranging songs. For two years he worked with the recording studio Ch Records and recorded various projects and bands. Despite his studio work, he cooperates with several companies as a live sound engineer (BSound, AudioAgency). He prefers modern rock and pop genres.
Michaela Šindelářová - management
Míša brings a good feminine element and system to the project. She takes care of your comfort and makes sure you feel at home. She is in charge of the studio schedule, arranging hotel accommodations for the musicians, catering, and all administration work. As a former head of a branch of an insurance company and subsequently a professional organizer of social events, she has the best prerequisites to attend to the studio on the operational level as well.
Jiří Topol Novotný - sound engineer
Topol is a leading expert in sound engineering from Brno with nearly 30 years of experience in his field. He deals with sound design (Městské divadlo Brno), live concert sound engineering (Chinaski, Tomáš Klus, Kabát, Lucie, Elán, Kryštof), dubbing (TV Nova, Prima, Markýza), TV music work (Kurt Elling & band, Mike Stern & David Weckel & Michael Breckera, Dan Bárta, B-Side Band) or studio work (Marek Ztracený, Tomáš Klus, David Koller).
Martin Strážnický – sound engineer
He has completed audio engineering at the BUT Faculty of Electrical Engineering and is now actively recording, mixing, sounding, and studying sound design. He is an active sound engineer at Bsound. He also records classical and contemporary classical music in authentic acoustic conditions. He also occasionally appears as a band sound engineer. He enjoys working on interesting and unusual projects of a popular and intimate nature.
Jakub Škrha – marketing
Jakub Škrha is a percussionist, musical dramaturg and manager of many musical projects in and out of Brno. But what most people don't know about him is his versatility. His knowledge from the IT and marketing world he gained while studying at the Mendel university Brno lead him to web designing and marketing. In addition, several years spent in Brazil equipped him with the right life and musical experience which makes him an ideal team member of the MaMu studio!



Studio rental:
4000 CZK / day
450 CZK / hour

Sound engineer:
4500 Kč / den
570 CZK / hour

Recording day 9 am - 6 pm, 2 x 4 hours. Up to 4 hours charged hourly, over 4 hours already charged for the entire recording day.


Studio rental:
450 CZK / hour

Sound engineer:
450 CZK / hour

Always charged at an hourly rate.


Sauna / hot tub / pool: 500 CZK/day


MESA / Peavy / Engl: 1000 CZK/day

How much it costs to record with us ...

Project pricing can be individual depending on the number of days and complexity (recording, editing, mixing, mastering).

These prices do not include VAT.

Discount option:
– non-profit organizations, 30% of the studio rental
– long-term and frequent rental
– barter





Lenka v Davu


Videos from the studio



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